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“Flirting at 100,000 feet”

Perhaps almost as horrifying as snakes on a plane, we just can’t seem to get away from social media. Thanks to an in-flight chat room, all passengers on Virgin America will now be able to chat with anyone on the plane, regardless of proximity.

Pretty exciting times we live in. Traditional annoyances on flights included screaming babies or that guy that just wouldn’t shut up. Now anyone can interrupt our enjoyment of the in-flight programming with a chat request. With the quality of movies on some flights, that might not be so bad. And hey, now you can chat up that hottie near the lavatories without having to get up. I can’t wait to try it out when I fly to LA next weekend.

Check out D: All Things Digital‘s Andy Jordan’s test of this new “social-network”:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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“3sday’s 3Q’s in 3 Min: Jemima Kiss, The Guardian UK”



Jemima Kiss, The Guardian UKToday, SocialTNT debuts a new, weekly video interview series, “3sday’s 3Q’s in 3 Min.” In the spirit of citizen journalism, I will be turning my camera on bloggers, reporters, PR pro’s and any other brave souls with thoughts on social media. In addition to helping us pitch these individuals more effectively, I’d like the series to start a dialog between reporters and PR practitioners on the future of media .

My first victim guest, is the Guardian’s Jemima Kiss. As a New Media and Tech Reporter for the prestigious British paper, she’s perfect as SocialTNT’s first interviewee. I had the honor of meeting with Jemima last week while she was in town covering the TechCrunch40.

In the video, Jemima discusses her major focus/beat, the future convergence of media and technology, and the difficulty old media has with being “open.”

(see the “3 Questions in 3 Minutes” video after the jump) Continue reading

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“Arachnophilia: Reformed Canabalistic Spiders Teach PR Pros Altruism”


Lake Tawokoni State Park rangers Mike McCord, left, and Freddie Gowin check out a giant spider web at the park.

Texas had one helluva rainy season this past summer and the spiders are LUVIN it. Instead of their usual solitary orbs, the spiders are spinning one giant, all-encompassing web. Various species of arachnids have come together to form communities, catch some buzz and then share files flies. Entomologists are rushing to be the first to dub this new era “Web 2.0.”

Sound familiar? Continue reading


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“Ain’t nuthin but a CRM thang baby”

Can B2B or enterprise PR and marketing campaigns include off-the-wall viral videos? You bethca!

Self-service direct email marketing solution provider Vertical Response recently released their version of Dr. Dre’s Mega-Hit “Nuthin but a G Thang” to get customers and partners excited about their services before Salesforce’s global tradeshow, Dreamforce.

Everything about the video is OTC. It’s shot around SF’s tech-heavy SOMA neighborhood, an iPhone makes a cameo, one of the rappers has a grill, and “ROI” and “dope” are used in the same sentence!

Ch-Check out the video (after the jump): Continue reading


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“My name is Chris and I’m, um, a PR professional.”

Public Relations pros have one of the most misunderstood professions.

Unless you’re in LA, you’re probably a little ashamed to tell people you do PR. Reporters hate us cause we bombard them with calls and spam their Inboxes. Our clients aren’t satisfied with the New York Times; they should have also been in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune and what’s this TechCrunch? Hell, my family and friends are still confused as to whether I do marketing, advertising or journalism.

Well, to all of them, I’m coming out. Continue reading


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