“Ain’t nuthin but a CRM thang baby”

Can B2B or enterprise PR and marketing campaigns include off-the-wall viral videos? You bethca!

Self-service direct email marketing solution provider Vertical Response recently released their version of Dr. Dre’s Mega-Hit “Nuthin but a G Thang” to get customers and partners excited about their services before Salesforce’s global tradeshow, Dreamforce.

Everything about the video is OTC. It’s shot around SF’s tech-heavy SOMA neighborhood, an iPhone makes a cameo, one of the rappers has a grill, and “ROI” and “dope” are used in the same sentence!

Ch-Check out the video (after the jump):

Yup Yup. These lines show the mass-ter marketing lyrical skills of VR’s rappers Furious Alf and 2fein:

“Email and CRM together/Now you know you’re in trouble”
“Aint nuthin but an app thang baby/we sendin mass emails like crazy”
VerticalResponse’s CEO and Founder–and blogger–Janine Popick posts a case-study of the video, offering a peek into the thinking behind and creation of this vertical marketing dork super-hit.

Mad props to the VR Crew for coming up with a unique way to hype people up about enterprise solutions.

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2 responses to ““Ain’t nuthin but a CRM thang baby”

  1. Thanks for the mention on this. We had a blast making it!



  2. I kind of thought there was a possibility to utilize music and other performing arts to promote your stuff.. but CRM and rapping. Wow!!

    I think the next wave could be going viral offline and in the real world without completely breaking link with the internet, a combination of the two so that you can reach your local audience and those on the Shetlands.

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