Yesterday’s Post

For some reason, WordPress has taken down my post from yesterday, “It’s a Conversation, Stupid! Part 3 The Approach.” I don’t have a copy of it and it was a LOOOONG post on the 6 elements of launching a social media campaign. Their support hours don’t start until 9AM PT. The link to the post remains active, but it takes you to a draft version that is incomplete.

UPDATE: After being in a semi-state of shock all morning, I received an email from Todd Defren with a cached version of yesterday’s post. The post should now be up in its entirety. Todd, you F-ing ROCK!!!


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  1. I noticed that. I started to read it this morning after opening the (working) page last night. Before I read too much, I refreshed the page to see if any comments had arrived overnight. When I did, I got a 404 error.

    I thought you got in trouble for saying something mean and had to take it down. 🙂 Good to know it’s just a WordPress failure. Err…wait, my blog is on WordPress…

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