“I’m a Binge and Purge Blogger, What About You?”

With this week’s announcement of the Blog Council’s formation (more on that on Monday), I thought it would be a great time to ask: Why do you blog?

Do you blog for art’s sake?

Or for Community?

Maybe you are the modern day narcissist?

Are you a spam bot?

Or maybe you have a secret you want to share?

I blog because I consume so much media every day, that I have to vomit it up or my stomach aches.

Why do you blog?

Here’s why an existential French sock vlogs:

Happy Friday, everyone! (It’s been an exciting week, thanks for being a part of it!)

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9 responses to ““I’m a Binge and Purge Blogger, What About You?”

  1. I blog because not everything fits into a Twitter message. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link. To clarify for folks who weren’t at SNCR or last nights SMC Boston event (www.socialmediaboston.org), the quote (“The focus on personal branding has resulted in the cult of personality and egomaniacal tendencies – me too, me first, just plain ME!”) wasn’t from me, but rather was a suggested topic for discussion and argument at the evening’s Social Media Club event. (I think Jim Spencer of jbspartners.com fessed up as the person who suggested it as a topic to debate, and it was a big hit!)

    Congrats on YOUR big hit this week, Mr. Facebook!

  3. Does a talking sock qualify as a talking head?

  4. @Mike LOL, so true!

    @Todd Thank you! I really loved your Twittercast of the event; watching it roll by all afternoon and evening just filled my head with so many great ideas. Thanks all at #SMCB!

    Your cast plus @kflaherty ‘s Blog as Art post plus the AMAZING talking sock video inspired me to create a more abstract, fun blog post. 🙂

  5. My blog is my brain dump. I use it to solidify my thoughts and to find stuff later ala Google. I can
    tell you how many times it has saved my bacon.

    Great post for a Friday, and fun.

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  7. Chris, the ensuing conversation allowed sincerity and authenticity to shine in both the discussion and conversations afterwards. I didn’t have narcissism in mind, per se, but I am convinced that there are many subjects that deserve more attention than thinking about ones self. We should guard against becoming self focused, don’t you think?

  8. Hi Jim:

    I wasn’t at your discussion, so I can only comment on the Tweets.

    I think that we shouldn’t try to define how people should or shouldn’t use blogs. They are tools of communicating, and different people relate to the world in different ways.

    I think there are times to be personal. The difference, for me, between new media and traditional media is that the new media opens communication so that it isn’t an abstract person lecturing to other people. New Media and social media open up communication between the writer and the reader, therefore allowing a more personal interaction.

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