“Twitter Favorites As Social Bookmarking Tool”

Whether it’s breaking news or sharing links, Twitter has quickly become my number one source for rapid idea communication. It’s more filtered than Digg and easier to use than del.icio.us–kind of like an RSS feed or link blog from people whose ideas or thoughts are valuable to me.

Today, I polled my Twitter followers to see how many people were using the “Favorite” feature. It turns out, many people use it as an instant, more-convenient bookmarking tool for links they receive. Others use it to remember conversation threads or as follow-up reminders for blog posts. Finally, a few don’t use Favorites at all.

Take a look at the results:

Twitter Favorite Poll - 3

Twitter Favorite Poll - 2

Twitter Favorite Poll - 1

Has Twitter decreased your del.icio.us use? Do you ever look at other people’s favorites? Has Twitter replaced your RSS feeds or digg? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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2 responses to ““Twitter Favorites As Social Bookmarking Tool”

  1. Hey Chris,

    Great followup questions; I look forward to seeing what other folks might add.

    I don’t really used del.icio.us though I’ve been frequently told that I should. Twitter is one of the reasons I don’t because I do save some favorites as a temporary bookmarks (or bookmark with my browser). Sometimes I look at other people’s favorites. However, since favorites seem to be easy to forget, I don’t know that it could replace del.icio.us as a shared bookmarking tool.

    I don’t think Twitter could replace my RSS feeds or Digg account. I use the former for my most read blogs. The latter, at least for me, has an entirely different social network with only about 5 percent crossover between the two. And then there are several other networks that are different too.

    Of course, I’d probably advise someone else to have a completely different approach to their social network setup that I do.


  2. Hi Rich:

    Thanks for your comment!

    I do share different things on different networks, and I think it’s totally ok.

    Since my “network” of followers on Twitter is PR/Marketing/Social Media, those links are more focused on those subjects. I rarely use email to communicate with the bulk of my friends, instead Facebook’s easy plug-in that allows quick sharing makes it the perfect network to share “viral” videos or news to friends/colleagues.

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