“QUIZ: Discover Your True Groundswell Technographic Profile!”

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a blogger dinner organized by Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff and Jeremiah Owyang from Forrester Research. While there, I got an advanced copy of Charlene and Josh’s upcoming book “Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed By Social Technologies.” The book is full of some really helpful case studies and lots of good advice (full review to follow soon), but what I’ve found to be really useful is the concept of the Social Technographics Profile.

Something about the Social Technographics profiles really resonated, so I created a quiz to help you discover your true Groundswell Social Technographics Profile.

How involved are you in the groundswell? Are you at the top of the social technographics food chain? Discover your social media savvy and find out whether you are a key influencer in just a few minutes! Take the quiz and wear your badge on your blog, a forum, or your MySpace or Facebook profile. It’s fun and also educational. Here’s mine:

Discover Your Groundswell Social Technographics Profile

Your Result: Creator

With all the blogging and video making you do, I’m surprised you had time to take this quiz. Whether podcasting or maintaining a website, the amount of content you create makes your Groundswell Social Technographic group a valuable target for social media marketers. As a creator, you join an elite 18% of the US online population. Now turn off the computer, your family misses you.

Discover Your Groundswell Social Technographics Profile
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According to Charlene [Check out socialTNT’s video interview with Charlene Li from last fall] and Josh, different demographic groups participate in the conversation–or “groundswell” as they call it–through different means. Before launching a social media campaign, you want to make sure that your target audience interacts and engages through the technologies you’ve chosen for your outreach. If you can get the creators and critics talking, then the largest Social Technographic group, the spectators, will be exposed to your brand.

You can read more about this theory and others on the Groundswell blog, or pre-order the book on Amazon. Josh and Charlene have explained the hierarchy of influence of each Social Technographic group by illustrating it as a ladder, below. They’ve also included this very handy tool to determine your target groups’ Social Technographic profiles.

What do you think about the Social Technographics theory? Let us know in the comments. And take the quiz! 🙂

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3 responses to ““QUIZ: Discover Your True Groundswell Technographic Profile!”

  1. Nice twist with the survey. As a creator, it makes sense. Since I’m a collector, I’ll go off and spread the word. Good post.

  2. Your quiz is really terrific and gets inside the psychology of the Social Technographics Profile. We’re delighted you created it.

    Your take is a little different from the way we do things.

    For those interested in our (Josh and Charlene’s) take on the quiz, see our post on it:


  3. Cute quiz, but not all the answers were the right fit for me, probably bc I live outside the online world as much as I live inside it.

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