“Gina Responds! And: About Yesterday’s Post”

Late yesterday, I received the following email from Gina. My reply is further down the page:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your email. My name and further explanation appears on the
wiki, which anyone can leave a comment on. (You just need to log into
PBwiki to do so.)

Also, as I say on the wiki, I welcome story pitches to tips@lifehacker.com.

Have a good weekend,

I also received some Tweets and emails saying yesterday’s post/email was a little harsh.

The post was about accountability, communication and education. If someone creates something that could impact people’s pocket books, that person should take responsibility for their actions. Especially if that person is already involved in social media and understands that nature of how it works.

On Gina’s blog and in her books, she helps educate people by offering tips and tricks to do things more effectively. That’s what was so irksome about the situation. She could have easily taken the same amount of time to write an educational post–or really any post at all–and could have positively affected the conversation.

My reply to Gina is below. As always, please feel free to comment.

Hi Gina:

Thanks for your email, and thanks for changing the wiki. I’m 100% for sharing opinions. I also 100% understand your frustration.

From what I can see from your blog, you and I both have the same goal: to help and educate. That is probably why I found your actions so upsetting. Instead of using your talent and skill to help people learn and perhaps prevent the mistake, you chose a negative action. You used your position of power and influence to negatively affect an industry on which you rely. You may say, “I shouldn’t have to educate people on how to do their job,” but you do it daily on your blog.

Check out these posts from Mashable and this one from ReadWriteWeb. By offering tips with best and worst practices, these guys are helping to make it easier for themselves and the PR pros that pitch them. After receiving several really really bad pitches of the course of a few days, I also posted “Luke I Am Your Blogger, How to Pitch From the Dark Side” as a way for me to vent my frustrations. It also allowed me to use my unique role as both blogger and PR pro to help others grow from my experience.

Remember, what you say/post can affect people’s pocketbooks. Please think about that and look to find ways to positively impact the conversation.

Thank you,


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[The above painting is by my favorite guerrilla artist, Banksy. His book says “Copyright is for losers,” so I don’t think he’ll mind if we use it]



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6 responses to ““Gina Responds! And: About Yesterday’s Post”

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  2. Allen Stern

    here’s what i like to see in a pitch:

    so far no one has followed it – even though I specifically call it out on the contact page.

  3. Hey Allen:

    Thanks for your comment.

    I took a look at your post, and the ideas expressed aren’t too different from the general sentiment expressed by other bloggers. I know it’s frustrating; while nowhere near the volume you receive, even the small number of bad pitches I receive a week is irritating. Thanks for taking the time to build that list of hints instead of reacting in a negative manner. Hopefully people listen to your advice!

  4. Mary Wallace

    I agree. Gina’s blanket vomit of so many PR names was like the mean teacher in middle school who screams ‘detention’ instead of teaching kids how to behave. Very old school and shows she and the author of the wiki are best at knee-jerk anger, instead of cooperative involvement. I understand being pissed, I understand venting, but a wholesale list of the local pr industry is bitchy and destructive. I’d have preferred a blog with ALL CAPS…

  5. Mary:

    You’re amazing! That analogy fits perfectly. 🙂

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