“Make New Friends, But Keep The Old”

The last year has been a very exciting and amazing time in my life. Before working at SHIFT, I sat at my desk as an Assistant Account Executive pouring over media lists. Every day was dark and the firm I was at made me feel like I didn’t understand PR. Any mention of Todd or SHIFT evoked claims that PR-Squared and the social media news release were just publicity stunts. I felt really dumb.

You know the scene in “Shawshank Redemption” when Andy plays Canzonetta sull’aria from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro? I would experience similar moments of freedom reading Todd’s blog; for me, each post shined courageous innovation and breathed new life into a stale industry. His posts allowed me to dream of working at an agency where creativity was praised and not stifled. When I got the call from a recruiter looking to place AE’s at SHIFT, I couldn’t believe they were actually hiring.

During my tenure, the senior staff at SHIFT has coached and prepared me to take a stronger leadership role. They also gave me the support I needed to gain confidence in myself, helping me understand who I am and what motivates me. SHIFT truly is a talent agency, and I’ll be forever grateful for the support and guidance I received there. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to develop and grow.

My whole life I have considered myself an artist and teacher. I work with text, photography, video and audio-and I love helping other people learn how to create. With PR, I also fell in love with strategy as an art form.

As many of you may know, last Friday was my last day at SHIFT. I can’t tell you what I’m working on yet, but the opportunity plays to all my strengths and motivations. While I will miss all the friends I have made at SHIFT, the new role is an opportunity to face new challenges and new experiences that I can only find at a global firm.

There are a lot of people I want to thank:

  • Dan, Jess, Jenn, Melissa and Virginia for being a great team full of support and understanding
  • Cathy Summers for teaching me how to motivate people. Always full of analogies, she’s the mom that can make every situation better. I’ve learned more about life from her than from anyone besides my own mom and grandmother
  • Mandy Mladenoff for teaching me what motivates me
  • Julie and Carter for pushing me to be edgier while also helping refine how I present my ideas
  • Marie, Margaret, Jany, Amanda, Becky, Bob, Chris and Matt for being my social media/blogging buds
  • Danielle, Rachel and Emily for being my Boston girls
  • All of my other friends at SHIFT who put up with my social media idealism and supported my craziness
  • And of course, my bromance, Todd Defren. I will continue to read Todd’s blog and can’t wait to see the exciting things SHIFT has coming down the pike [UPDATE: See Todd’s post on my departure here.}

Also, thanks to all the SHIFTers and socialTNT readers who have sent me well wishes, support, wall posts or blog posts this week. Can’t wait to share the next chapter with all of y’all. Just know you will be seeing a lot more posts on socialTNT with some pretty slammin new features. 😉

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[The above photo, “Goodbyes Are Timeless” by *PaysImaginaire* on Flickr, used under Creative Commons]



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12 responses to ““Make New Friends, But Keep The Old”

  1. Chris,

    I already miss you so much and SHIFT is just not the same without you! You have been a mentor, friend, cubemate, and more. That said, I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished in the past year and the great things you are bound to do as you move forward in your career. I expect to see amazing things from you.

    You rawk!


  2. Parker

    Good luck, man.
    Looking forward to hearing what you’re up to.

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  4. Chris,

    First, I know that all of the SHIFTers will miss you. Congrats on the new gig – whatever it may be.

    I’ll be sure to keep up with you here and elsewhere. Keep in touch .

    Michael Pranikoff
    Director, Emerging Media
    PR Newswire

  5. Chris, congrats on the move, looking forward to see what is up next for you!


  6. You will be missed, my friend. Thank you for all your contributions.

    Make sure that I’m the first guy you call if/when the new gig sucks lemons.

  7. Good luck with whatever comes next. Most important: Have fun.

  8. You’ll definitely be missed, Chris. Good luck with your new endeavors and be sure to keep in touch. Marge and I need someone to appreciate our efforts when we drop it like it’s hot.

  9. Hey Chris,

    Nice work! Glad to see you’re thriving in the Bay Area. Hope to see you down in SoCal soon.



  10. Thanks, everyone. It’s an exciting time in my life, and I’m glad to share it with all of you. This really means a lot to me!



  11. Chris,

    Good luck in your new endeavor!

    All the best, CP

  12. Chris, best of luck with what’s to come! – Lindsay

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