“SHHH! Don’t Tell Anyone.”

Last Wednesday, I joined Text100 as Peer Media (aka New Media) Manager for North America.  Working with Text, I can experience opportunities only available in a global firm.  So far, I’ve already started collaborating on projects with people in France, Germany, China, Spain, Italy and South Africa.  Being able to share ideas with experts from varied cultures will really give me an interesting perspective on implementation of new media tools–I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn with all of you 🙂

This opportunity would have never been possible without the readership and support all of you have given me over the last year!  When we launched, I never imagined it would take off.  I was just looking for an outlet to pour out all my ideas and empty my head. Thank you!



BTW: Release is still forthcoming. In the social media age, it’s hard to keep a secret like this quiet for long.  Since a couple of you smarties figured it out (damn you Facebook and LinkedIn!), I decided to go ahead and spill the beans.  Let’s hope they don’t spank me!



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4 responses to ““SHHH! Don’t Tell Anyone.”

  1. Welcome Chris! From halfway around the world. Given the speed social media works, I’d say you’re late! Would’ve expected a post sooner.

  2. Simon Taylor

    Hey there, welcome new textie – hope to add Hong Kong to that list of collaborators.

  3. As a client of Text 100 US, I’m excited about your new position! I can’t wait to see what new ideas and expertise you will bring to the teams.

  4. David, Simon, Lauren: I look forward to working with all of you! Thanks for the well wishes!

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