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“3sday’s 3Q’s in 3 Min: Jon Fine, BusinessWeek”

[Due to technical difficulties, this post is going up a day late. Sorry.]

Live from the Web 2.0 Summit, it’s another installment of our regular Thursday feature, “3Q’s in 3 Min.” In the spirit of citizen journalism, SocialTNT puts bloggers, reporters, PR pro’s or anyone with something to say about social media in front of the camera for a short, three minute interview. In addition to helping PR peeps pitch these individuals more effectively, the videos are meant to encourage dialog between reporters and communications practitioners on the future of media

This Thursday, socialTNT met with Jon Fine, Media Columnist from BusinessWeek. Not just covering big conglomerates, Jon’s column also focuses on the convergence of media and advertising. In today’s “3Q’s in 3 Min,” Jon tells us a little more about his beat, opines on the decline of traditional media and very honestly explains his view of PR.

After the jump, see the video and learn more about Jon…

I love reading Jon’s column. While other Media columnists at traditional pubs only cover, well, other tradtional outlets, Jon is always willing to hear what’s going on in the emerging media and music, especially if there might be an ad/marketing angle involved. Not a big surprise, since he used to write for Advertising Age.

I met Jon in the lobby of the Palace Hotel, the venue for the 2007 Web 2.0 Summit. Total New York (read: adult Williamsburg), he was rocking a pair of neon blue Nike SB Dunks, a pair of Gucci framed-glasses and some skinny jeans–not too surprising considering his blog post bashing Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s “Adidas man-sandals.” Jon would later tell me in our warm up interview that he was even technologically very New York; he doesn’t jump to the latest and greatest trend-tech and is too private to use Twitter. After my emphatic explanation of the applications beyond the “What are you doing?” aspects, he may quickly become a member of the Twitterati. 😉 He’s also been putting off incorporating RSS feeds into his reading habits.

Facts about Jon:

  • He’s married to MediaBistro founder, Laurel Touby
  • So deep into punk rock, he has his own band
  • HUGE politics fan (religiously reads The Kaus Files)
  • Typical daily media consumption
    • MediaBistro, BuzzMachine, Kaus Files, NYT (print version) , WSJ (print version), New Yorker, New York Mag, Advertising Age, Drudge, and Fortune (never Forbes)
  • He, too, is a member of the Jeff Jarvis fan club
  • He is on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • In addition to his column in BusinessWeek, Jon has a blog

When watching the video, keep in mind that Jon says he’s more of a traditional media reader. I don’t completely believe it, but it is nice to hear an East Coast perspective on Media. Pay close attention to Jon’s last couple of statements, he offers a completely candid opinion of PR industry and its future.

To me, Jon is absolutely right. There are more tools in the toolbox with less attention to go around. By utilizing these tools effectively, we can gain more attention. Isn’t that what our clients pay us for? The idea of attention economy is something I’d like to explore in a future post. Charlene brought it up in last week’s interview.

What do you think? Is the media slowly declining, or will it be a fast death? Is PR headed for the same doom?

Thanks for a great interview, Jon!

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