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“Killing the Buddha: PR 2.0 and Social Media Marketing Nirvana”

“Embrace nothing:
If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha.
If you meet your father, kill your father.
Only live your life as it is,
Not bound to anything.”

–Buddha Shakyamuni

Blogs. Twitter. Facebook. Tumblr. What do they have in common? They’re all amazing tools for increasing communications and strengthening connections. Nothing more.

Sometimes communities get so distracted by the messenger that they forget the message. Yes even we purveyors of messaging in the PR and marketing trades are fallible to shiny things. Taking some queues from the Buddhist philosophy, let’s take a step back and make sure we are all on the same page.

As Brian Solis discusses in this post, PR 2.0 is the evolution of public relations. At its fundamental root, public relations and marketing in the new media era is about building relationships. The tools and technology come secondary.

According to my “Effective Public Relations” text book, “Public relations is the management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics on whoms its success or failure depends.”

Let’s compare that with Brian’s definition of PR 2.0:

PR 2.0 is the understanding and practice that communications is a two-way process and incorporates the tools, principles, strategies, and philosophies for reaching, engaging, guiding, influencing, and helping people directly in addition to the traditional cycle of PR influence.

Public relations has always been about building relationships. At one point, the press release was an effective way to reach target audiences. Then it moved to broadcast and print, both one-sided forms of communication. Now, the public has the tools to write the news and create the content.

The once silent masses now have a voice, and that voice is found on social networks, blogs, and forums. That voice is in the form of audio, video and text. That voice has the potential to spread ideas rapidly and more effectively than ever before. Instead of talking at an audience, public relations and marketing now have to engage and build a relationship with that voice and all its praise or critcism.

PR 2.0 is about listening, knowing your audience, what they talk about, how they communicate and meeting them on their court. It’s not about using Twitter cause company XYZ is, it’s about finding the best way to interact with and engage your audience and those talking about your brand. It’s about figuring out the best way to ignite those communities into rapid discussion about your brand. That’s the philosophy; the tools come secondary.

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[The above photo, “Thailand – Ayuthaya 5 – Buddha head” by mckaysavage on flickr, is used under Creative Commons]



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“3sday’s 3Q’s in 3 Min: Jon Swartz, USA Today”

After Spring Break hiatus, “3sdays 3Q’s in 3Min” is back with a star-studded episode.

Every Thursday, socialTNT channels the spirit of citizen journalism by putting bloggers, reporters, PR pro’s or anyone with something to say about social media in front of the camera for a short, three minute interview. In addition to helping PR peeps pitch these individuals more effectively, the videos are meant to encourage dialog between reporters, PR/communications practitioners and marketers on the future of media.

This Thursday socialTNT meets with Jon Swartz, Technology Reporter at USA Today. Over the last year, Jon has moved away from covering just security. His beat has really moved to include social networking, big firms like Yahoo and AOL, and tech from the West Coast point of view. In this week’s episode, Jon share some of the social media elements USA Today is rolling out and also tells us why he loves social networking for PR.

Jon has been covering technology since 1987. Working his way through the ranks of MacWeek, San Francisco Chronicle and Forbes, Jon now resides at USA Today. If you have a non-gadget tech client, he may be a good contact. Pitch him before 11AM PT.

Fun Facts About Jon:

  • Learned the ins and outs of PR (including a blog and YouTube video) while on tour for his upcoming book with Byron Acohido, “Zero Day Threat,” discussing how banks and credit companies help hackers steal your identity
  • Microsoft is to Apple what Hillary is to Obama. Discuss.
  • Not on Twitter, but on LinkedIn
  • Thinks Walt Mossberg could beat Ed Baig in a mud wrestling fight
  • Has season tickets to SF Giants
  • Starts his morning with print editions of New York Times and LA Times. Then moves into WSJ Online and GigaOm.

If you haven’t seen some of the cool things USA Today is doing with blogs and video, check it out. Watch as Jon tells us more about his beat, explains how social networking has changed the PR pitch and then completely HIJACKS my interview!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Have you included social networking into your outreach? Do your spokespeople include their facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or IM when speaking with reporters? Should they?

No time to watch the video at work? Get “3Q’s in 3Min” free from iTunes and watch it on the go!

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“EXCLUSIVE: socialTNT ‘Finds His Voice’ On Social Media Campaign Trail”

San Francisco – March 3, 2008 On a recent stop on the social media campaign trail, new media PR/Marketing blogger Chris Lynn succumbed to the pressure of an industry full of Luddites and curmudgeons. In the following video, Lynn, editor of socialTNT, can be seen crying as he makes an emotional plea to the PR and Marketing industries to embrace change. Many are calling this a desperate attempt to appear more human, but sources close to Lynn say he was truly moved to tears after reading another puffy press release for an over-hyped product.

Launched six months ago, socialTNT educates the public relations and marketing communities about strategies and practices that use emerging technologies to engage audiences. The blog attracts a diverse readership that includes novices like college students and small business owners, as well as seasoned professionals and social media enthusiasts. Lynn and contributing writer Marie Williams evaluate social media campaigns, review the latest new media tools, and offer tips and tricks into social media strategy.

socialTNT recently announced iTunes distribution for their most popular feature, “3Q’s in 3Min,” a weekly video interview with top reporters, analysts, social media experts, industry leaders and anyone else using the new media tools to promote or market their business.

UPDATED: Mike Keliher over at Unjournalism recorded this response, entitled “Leave socialTNT alone!”

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“Let’s Get Physical: 10 Lessons Abt Social Media I Learned at the Gym”

“getting-huge.jpg” by ericmcgregor on flickrA little secret about me: I’ve been involved with sports since I was a kid. I can give a rocking sports massage or plan a kick-a workout. At one point in my life, I’d even studied to become a Physical Trainer. Today, I’m here to pump you up with ten lessons about social media I learned at the gym.

  • When first starting out, get to know the gym, the exercises and proper use of the equipment.
    • Same goes for a social media campaign. Check out your surroundings. Listen to the community and see how they interact before diving in. It also doesn’t hurt if you know the tools inside and out.
  • Flexibility can prevent injuries.
    • Communities are built from people. People don’t always react how we want them to. Go with the flow. If you are flexible to their needs, listen and respond to their comments accordingly, then you can prevent a PR disaster.
  • Have patience. Quality results require a long term commitment.
    • Rarely do you see results in a short period of time. Lasting relationships are built with time and interaction.
  • Eat healthy. You have to feed your body to grow muscles.
    • Same goes with a blog: consume relevant media content to help develop your ideas and grow your community.
  • Healthy living requires a complete lifestyle change. If you want lasting results, you have to let go of old habits.
    • Social media isn’t just about looking pretty, it’s about opening up. You have to let go of corporate messaging and the tired notion of brand. It may be scary at first, but I guarantee once you get the hang of it, it will feel great!
  • When in doubt, get a trainer.
    • Sometimes we need someone to give us that extra push to help get us in shape. A community manager can help shape community relations.
  • A workout partner or a team can keep you motivated and increase results.
    • If your company has a hard time maintaining the corporate blog, bring some more writers on board. This will make it easier to keep producing content.
  • Different bodies need different routines.
    • Not all workouts and diets work on every body. Same can be said about social media strategy. Play around until you find a plan that works with your marketing objectives and fits your community’s needs.
  • Don’t wait too long between exercises.
    • In order to keep that target heart rate, you have to keep moving. If you slack on a blog, your readership will drop.
  • Make it fun!
    • It doesn’t have to always be serious. Fun posts make it enjoyable for the reader and easier for the blogger. 😉

Happy Friday, Everybody! Thanks for your continued support!

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[The above photo, “getting-huge.jpg” by ericmcgregor on flickr, used under Creative Commons license.]

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